Like we established in the previous post, using your phone should be a mindful decision and this decision should and can help you become more productive and get your work done as and when necessary.

Applications are arguably one of the best features you can always explore on your device as you learn to maximise their function and make them work for you.

Installing these apps is directed towards creating helpful limitations, encouraging commitment and providing an environment for necessary feedback and intentional use of your phone.

Here are some apps you can install today to boost your productivity:

1. Forest: This is a way to incorporate the Pomodoro technique while having a visual representation of your progress. That is, you can track your work sessions and schedule breaks with a goal to complete your tasks without killing the precious trees.

You can also download the Pomodoro app itself, choose your task, set the timer and get to work.

2. Habits: This is a habit tracker app that helps you follow up on habits you’re trying to develop e.g drinking water, eating fruits, reducing sugar, learning a language or practicing an instrument.

All you have to do is insert the habit and mark it done every time you complete a task. You could also track this on paper, but using an app helps you take advantage of the ease and accessibility of technology.

Stride is another habit tracking app for creating new habits, letting go of old ones and setting the goals you want to reach.

3. Quizlet: This is a replacement for physical flashcards where you can put in questions and answers for a class and test yourself continuously with active recall. Anki is another great option for flashcards.

4. TimeTable: This app is useful for scheduling your classes and inputing all the information for that class e.g. the location, lecturer, assignments, etc.

It also gives you regular reminders for the start of a class so you are always aware of what comes next and when your deadlines are.

5. Audible: This is the biggest audio book app currently. You can listen to books when you are on transit, cooking, washing etc. This way you are learning something new even when you don’t have much time.

6. Toggle: This app helps you to accurately calculate how much time you’re spending on a particular activity per day. For example, you click start when you’re about to start cooking or bathing and stop when you’re done.

This helps you know what activities take your time the most and how you dan schedule your time properly to get other things done.

7. Alarmy: Alarmy’s most prominent feature is the fact that it doesn’t allow you snooze your annoying alarm until you have completed a task e.g solving a math problem. This means you will definitely be fully awake to finally stop your alarm.

Finally, it is important to honestly analyse your situation and decide whether you need these apps or they will end up being clutter on your device. Remember you don’t want to duplicate functionality or end up wasting time managing apps.

When in doubt, delete. If you truly need it, you will have to download it again, and soon.

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