At this point, we all probably know why reading books is a great habit to develop. Books help to increase knowledge since it is a focused pool of information surrounding a topic. Books are useful to get some creative inspiration and to challenge us intellectually. Books can help us change/ broaden our perspective. Books also help us to learn from the past.

However, if you want to start reading more books, you should probably ask yourself why. And this shouldn’t be in the usual generic way; you should actually have a reason. Your “why” is what will help you persevere in the long run, and motivate you in ways that are beneficial instead of the momentary sparks of inspiration we often wait for.

Reading more books

Your reason for reading could be as part of your Self-Care routine, wind-down time or even as a productivity system. You could also be reading to answer certain questions on your mind and get new insight into specific topics. Ask yourself: “Why am I not reading as much as I’d like and what can I do to change this?”

Here are 8 tips that will switch up your reading game and possibly change your life forever:

1. Read according to your mood: Yes, don’t worry about what you should be reading. Don’t limit yourself to certain books everyone says you should read either. Go where your heart leads you and pick up whatever book you’re interested in at that moment.

Read according to your mood

2. Have a book everywhere: This way, you can read throughout the day and even switch between different modes (audiobooks, e-readers and hard copy books). Consider what your options and preferences are and how it fits into your lifestyle.

3. Read multiple books at once: You can read up to 5 books at once, for different moods, for different places. They could be different genres too: fiction or non-fiction. Add shorter books too (a subtle cheat). Don’t limit yourself; there are no rules.

Read in different places

4. Quit often: It’s absolutely okay to abandon a book you’re tired of. Don’t force yourself to read to the end. This is possibly the most liberating thing you’ll learn about books: you can pause and quit anytime you like.

5. Track what you’re reading: Make a list of books you’d like to read and have the next book ready before finishing the current one. Also learn how to find books so you won’t be stranded at any point.

Track what you're reading

6. Make your reading process enjoyable: Set up a gratification you can anticipate while reading like going to a coffee shop to relax while reading. Eliminate all distractions: use your earphones, move your phone from sight. Also tie rewards to your reading goals as it will help spark extra motivation.

7. Be accountable: Join or create a functioning book club. I formed one with my friends some time ago and it eventually became dormant. Hopefully, we’ll find the strength to continue our reading journey as soon as possible.

8. Create a reading system: Don’t just create a goal to finish 20 books this year or to read one book a month. How do you achieve that? Break it down into a system. For you, this could mean utilizing your free time to read for 15 minutes a day, or reading 20 pages every morning without fail.

Create a reading system

You don’t necessarily have to fix a time to complete your reading goal each day; otherwise it will turn into an obligation and become increasingly difficult to follow through. If you create strict limits for yourself, you might stop reading eventually.

You can schedule your reading time to just before you bathe or after exercise etc. Also try to read little bits at once. For example, read for 10 minutes or read a page at once. Of course, if it’s a book you enjoy, you’ll want to read more.

Creating a workable system is probably the best way to get through more books or even solidify any habit you’re building. If you’re interested, learn more about creating systems that work versus setting vague goals HERE.

I definitely need to take the initiative and implement some of these principles to achieve my own reading goals too. Let me know which of these tips appeal to you the most. Have a productive week ahead.

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    As someone looking to read more books, I think I need to look into creating a proper reading system.. I read randomly whenever I find time. Sometimes, I go many days without reading😂🙈

  3. Gbenro Dave says:

    I guess what I need is to join a FUNCTIONAL book club 🌚🌚🌚

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