YouTube is priceless. There is a plethora of online resources on there that have been of valuable use to me as a medical student. I’ve found YouTube videos useful not just when I need clarification on difficult topics, but also when I need some motivation to work hard.

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As an audiovisual learner, I am able to comprehend concepts better and within a shorter period of time when I listen to an explanation. I spend most of my phone hours on YouTube these days. So I decided to share which medical-themed channels are my all time favourites.

Here is a list of YouTubers that vlog about their life as medical students/doctors. Some of them also give study tips and advice on how to survive medical school. You could even find different study-with-me sessions that will help encourage you to be productive.

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Ali Abdaal: a UK-based medical doctor passionate about productivity.
Strive to Fit: a resident that shares videos about her life as a doctor.
Kharma Medic: a medical student at King’s College London that inspires other students to pursue medicine as a career.
Sebastian Pirie: an Australian medical student that shares about his life in school.

MD Prospect: an aspiring academic surgeon in Canada that shares great study-with-me videos.
White Coat Chronicles: a Nigerian emergency medicine resident physician and lifestyle vlogger in the US.
Anas Nuur Ali: a UK doctor that shares all the fun and stress surrounding the medical life.
Doctor Mike: a family medicine doctor living in New York that loves to explore life.

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Madalyn’s Musings: a first year resident physician who enjoys being goofy.
America Revere: the most unorthodox doctor on YouTube!
The Stylish Med: a med school graduate and entrepreneur who loves fashion.
Doc Ossareh: YouTube’s original online mentoring channel for medical students.

Doctor Nosa: a Nigerian junior doctor in the UK offering advice and sharing her experiences.
Violin MD: a fourth year rheumatology resident in Canada that doubles as a violinist.
Med School Insiders: offers medical students with effective strategies on pursuing a career in medicine.

Furthermore, I have found that the potential for learning on the internet is incredible. And so, over the years, I’ve been able to discover YouTube channels that offer free lectures and tutorials in different medical courses. Here is a list of these amazing resources you should definitely check out as a medical student:

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Ninja Nerd Lectures
Armando Hasudungan
Dr Najeeb Lectures
Lecturio Medical
Khan Academy
AK Lectures
The Noted Anatomist
Anatomy Zone
Neuroscientifically Challenged
Physiology for students

If you’re looking for information on specific topics, you can just type in your keywords. You’ll be surprised how many people have explained it.

I hope you find these suggestions useful. Let me know if you’re familiar with any of these pages. Also be free to share your own favourite channels too.

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